5 note front

The Reserve Bank is preparing to release the next generation of Australian banknotes. This involves gradually transitioning all denominations of banknotes to new designs, with upgraded security features, an innovative tactile function to assist the vision-impaired community and reduce counterfeiting.

The first of these next generation banknotes is the new $5 note, due to be released and in circulation across Australia on September 1, 2016.

It is imperative that you keep your staff up to date with changes to the banknotes to assist in counterfeit awareness.


What this means for you:

• The $5 banknote circulation will be introduced gradually
• The $5 banknote will be the same size as the current note
• The current $5 banknote will remain legal tender.
• New and current version $5 banknotes will be issued together and these will be able to be cleared with no change required
• Customers can mix new and current $5 banknotes to be collected

If you have note counting machines, please contact your supplier to ensure your current machines can read the new $5 banknote as this may need to be updated.

To learn more about the new $5 banknote click here.