The National Retail Association has the country’s largest team of in-house Workplace Relations experts orientated to the retail and quick service industries.

We offer accurate, thorough and tailored advice and are the only organisation of its kind in Australia with a wholly-owned law firm supporting its members.

Our dedicated team is equipped to assist with queries across all areas of your business. Whether commencing or responding to litigation, bargaining enterprise agreements, or advising on terms and conditions of employment (including minimum entitlements, health and safety, employment contracts and visa matters) and more, our specialist advisors and lawyers can be by your side every step of the way.


We make employment easy.

Payroll audits & Fair Work Compliance

As underpayments in the retail industry continue to dominate news headlines, it has never before been so important to take proactive steps to ensure award compliance. In this challenging time where wage compliance is not just ‘a nice thing to have’ but an essential aspect of any business, understanding the complex rules in the General Retail Industry Award is essential for retail management teams.

Underpayment scandal after scandal has shown retailers are vulnerable to common compliance traps:

  • misinterpreting modern awards and enterprise agreements;
  • misunderstanding entitlements and allowances;
  • mis-classifying employees; and
  • misapprehending which modern award applies to your business.

Fortunately for our members, and as Australia’s largest team of workplace relations experts orientated to the retail and quick service industries, we can readily provide guidance and tools to help you navigate the Fair Work Act, modern awards and other workplace laws.

The NRA team have worked with a number of known retail brands to provide multi-faceted support in the wake of wage non-compliance. With a skill-set which covers independent payroll and workplace auditing, dealing with the regulator on behalf of businesses, and providing training and education to managers and employees, the NRA provides a complete suite of services to businesses facing compliance issues.

With the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Act having taken effect in 2017, the Fair Work Ombudsman has placed employers on notice that significant penalties will be attached to contraventions of workplace laws. Businesses are now compelled to proactively monitor, review and resolve any issues that may arise. The NRA is a trusted provider of key services in this regard, by both businesses and by the regulatory bodies.

HR Packages

Introducing our customisable HR packages, designed to empower your workplace with the essential knowledge and tools needed for a thriving and compliant workforce.

Choose from our ‘Essential,’ ‘Core,’ or ‘Premium’ tiers, each offering progressively deeper insights into critical HR topics and helping you to foster a culture of excellence.

From comprehensive training sessions and meticulously crafted policies to expertly curated written materials and personalised coaching sessions with workplace relations experts, these packages are your pathway to a seamlessly managed, productive, and compliant workplace.

Explore further about our HR packages and examine a variety of option available, customised to best fulfill your needs.

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Workplace Relations Hotline

Call 1800 RETAIL to speak with our team of expert workplace relations advisors and lawyers. Our hotline is the easiest way to receive advice and guidance about simple matters including:

  1. Award terms and conditions
  2. Trading hours requirements
  3. General guidance around termination of employment, discrimination, workplace health and safety, and more;

Members receive unlimited general advice at no extra cost.

Workplace relations hotline number 1800 RETAIL

Industry Workforce Advisor (QLD)

If your business is based in Queensland and has under 200 employees you may be eligible for FREE help.

The Industry Workforce Advisory Program provides free consultation and planning advice to businesses to identify workforce challenges and solutions to improve workplace success, culture and diversity. It’s about having the right people, with the right skills, and the right time and place, doing the right things to help your business achieve its goals.

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Employment tools and training

NRA Legal can supply you with critical employment tools and templates, designed specifically for retailers to assist in managing your business. Our scope of products includes:

  1. employment contracts, tailored to your requirements;
  2. negotiation and interpretation of enterprise agreements;
  3. the full suite of workplace policies, including but not limited to:
    • code of conduct;
    • sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying;
    • grievance management;
    • internet and social media;
    • drug and alcohol;
    • work health and safety policies and manuals; and

Additionally, we provide a broad range of workplace relations training modules in areas such as:

  • performance management for retail leaders;
  • fundamental workplace relations knowledge and skill (‘Workplace Relations 101’);
  • appropriate workplace behaviour
  • managing ill and injured employees;
  • understanding the National Employment Standards and Modern Awards;
  • rostering for compliance;
  • work health and safety for retailers.

We can also develop bespoke training programs tailored specifically to your needs; just call us to obtain a quote.

Work Health and Safety

Our work health and safety law specialists can assist members to identify and implement best practice work health and safety solutions. We can assist your business with:

  • work health and safety management system review and audit
  • corporate governance advice and training,
  • contractor management
  • Work Health and Safety 101 training,
  • incident response advice and assistance,
  • advice on work health and safety disputes,
  • best practice customer violence strategies and support, including bespoke training.

We also work alongside government authorities to deliver members with the latest updates and information.

Tailored Advice and Support

We offer tailored advice and practical support in a range of forms including:

  • formal advice
  • retainer based ongoing advice and support,
  • short term, ad hoc or project based activity
  • strategic planning processes and workshops,
  • supplementing internal resources via on-site or head office secondments.

Please contact us if you require tailored advice or support from our expert team.


Our team of lawyers can represent you and your business in any court in Australia. Whether it’s an unfair dismissal claim in the Fair Work Commission or a pay dispute in the Federal Court, our lawyers will devise the most cost-effective strategy and advocate on your behalf.

Events & Networking

NRA Legal regularly hosts industry events and facilitates leading industry networks designed to help our members meet their legal obligations.

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Find out more about our wide range of services at our dedicated NRA Legal website.


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