Trevor Queen Street

NSW and Queensland governments are both looking at banning plastic shopping bags.

This issue has long been debated by governments over the years. Some of Australia’s less populous states and territories have already implemented bans of certain types of plastic bags.

Bans are a blunt policy response to most problems but, of course, proponents for banning bags are well-intentioned and we respect their motivations. The trick is always in the detail with plans like these.

What we may ultimately see is the banning of certain lightweight, single-use types of plastics bags, which can be moved easily by wind, rain and weather, while still allowing heavier plastics, paper bags, biodegradable options and the multi-use bags already available for purchase in some stores.

It has been encouraging to see governments approaching your association and inviting us to the table to ensure that retailers’ views are taken into account as these plans are considered.

We look forward to being a strong voice for retailers in the ongoing discussions, including on important considerations such as national consistency, food safety risks with reusable bags, the impacts and options for small businesses such as those in the fast food, quick service and bakery categories, the aversion to extra costs in some lower income households, and the special considerations for indigenous community stores and tourist operators close to the Great Barrier Reef and other environmental hotspots.

We also appreciate and invite any views or input that you may have as this work continues.

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