Coronavirus payroll tax relief

The National Retail Association has today welcomed the announcement by the Queensland State Government to provide payroll tax relief to businesses impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Under the measure, small and medium businesses throughout Queensland with a wage bill up to $6.5 million may be eligible to defer their payroll tax payment for six months.

NRA CEO Dominique Lamb said the announcement would be welcomed by many retailers.

“Payroll tax reform is a simple and effective way to offer financial relief to businesses with immediate effect. Last month we publicly called for a 12-month payroll tax holiday, this measure doesn’t go as far as that but it is good news nonetheless,” Ms Lamb said.

“Queensland is a state with many iconic tourist attractions and the impact the Coronavirus has had on this sector has had a direct knock-on effect to retailers.

“We urge all our Queensland members to check if they are eligible by assessing any drop in economic activity they’ve suffered since the travel ban came into place on February 1.

“This is a good announcement by the Queensland Government and we hope it is an initiative that will be adopted by other state governments.”