Voluntary Code for Animal Testing Claims

The Australian Government introduced laws to ban the use of data or information from animal tests conducted from 1 July 2020 for cosmetics.

Accord Australasia has today launched a Voluntary Industry Code of Practice to Support the Australian Ban on Testing Cosmetics on Animals aims to provide consistency and clarity regarding ‘not tested on animals’ terms and advertising claims used by the Cosmetics Industry.

The Code has been developed in consultation with the Australian Department of Health and other key stakeholders, including the National Retail Association and animal welfare groups like RSPCA Australia.

Minister responsible for the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), Mark Coulton said in a Ministerial Statement today that the cosmetics industry’s voluntary code supports legislation introduced by the Coalition Government to ban cosmetic testing on animals.

Minister Coulton said this information was increasingly important as more Australians look to select cosmetics that have not been tested on animals.

“There is a broad range of claims included on a wide variety of cosmetic products and it can be confusing to understand if a product has indeed been tested on animals,” Minister Coulton said.

“The voluntary code is a great step forward, making it clear to industry and consumers what to look for in relation to animal welfare advertising claims.”

Accord’s Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Mr Craig Brock said the voluntary code had widespread industry support from across the cosmetics manufacturing and retail sectors.

“The cosmetic and personal care products industry has been at the forefront of developing effective alternatives to laboratory animal testing for many years,” Mr Brock said.

“The code is a resource to assist the cosmetics industry to meet its obligations relating to the ban, and guides how to transparently and consistently communicate ‘not tested on animals’ claims with consumers.

“Businesses are strongly encouraged to follow the guidance in the code and promote their commitment to following the code.”


Aims of the Code

Like many other industry codes, this Code is voluntary. It is a best practice guide for businesses in the Cosmetics Industry in relation to using not tested on animals advertising claims.

Businesses that observe this Code can more accurately and transparently promote their cosmetics and help customers make informed choices.

The Code also helps inform consumers about the Australian ban on the use of animal test data and provides greater clarity around not tested on animals advertising claims.

Accord will periodically review the voluntary industry code, including feedback on the code’s effectiveness, to improve consumer clarity around ‘not tested on animals’ claims.


Find out more about the Code: https://accord.asn.au/sustainability/voluntary-industry-code-on-animal-test-ban/



The code is one element of a package of measures introduced by the Government to implement the ban. Other initiatives include:

  • The Industrial Chemicals Act 2019 that came into effect on 1 July 2020, banning the use of new animal test data for cosmetic ingredients in the Government’s regulatory approvals process
  • A national website and consumer information package delivered by the National Retail Association
  • Changes to the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes, led by the National Health and Medical Research