Course description

The General Retail Industry Award (GRIA) has everyday applications to many retail businesses across Australia but can often leave your head spinning. In this course, we will take you through some of the basic terms to help improve your understanding of and compliance with GRIA. This will include how to know which GRIA applies to your business, the interaction of GRIA with the National Employment Standards (NES) and how to properly classify your employees.

Key Learnings

Understanding the basics of the General Retail Industry Award

How to classify your employees

Knowing which allowances apply

How to pay overtime and penalty rates

How to manage breaks during work periods

Accredited or non-accredited: which is right for you?

As a nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code 0712), the NRA Retail Institute delivers both accredited and non-accredited training across Australia. But what is the difference? What does it really mean for you? And which one is right for you?

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