Tuesday 3rd March 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm


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Running a business in the retail industry can be tough work, and one of the elements that can cause employers and business owners the most grief is when it comes to applying the General Retail Industry Award. The many headlines coming out about companies falling afoul of their relevant modern award is a testament to this.

To ensure you don’t become the latest scandal, the NRA has decided to run a webinar to help you get a grip on the General Retail Industry Award and make your business thrive! We will discuss the essentials of understanding your Modern Award, and warn you of the easiest mistakes you can make while applying and interpreting it.

We’ll be talking you through some of the common pitfalls and complexities of the Retail Award, like:

• how to manage part-time employees without your costs blowing out;

• what allowances may be payable to your employees and when;

• how to classify your employees at the correct level; and

• much, much more.

You will also receive a free guide on maneuvering the Award after the webinar is completed – all for $29!


General Retail Industry Award