Course description

This workshop is suitable for any staff member involved in the sales process, as it teaches them how to determine a customer’s needs, match products and services to those needs, and then facilitate the sale. It ensures the sales experience for the customer is as optimal as possible, whilst increasing the chances to close the sale successfully: a win-win situation. This is a valuable program for your staff who interact with customers on a daily basis to ensure they maximise the service delivery.

All of our business development short courses (not including legal compliance courses) can be delivered flexibly to suit your needs. This includes face-to-face, 100% online or a blended delivery of both. We also understand the pressures and struggles of the daily grind which makes training during normal work hours (9am-5pm) not always possible. This is why we can also do evenings, early mornings or even weekends. Simply contact one of our team members to work out the most optimal time for you.

Key Learnings

Connect with customers, build rapport with them, and use questioning and active listening to facilitate the conversation

Successfully determine customers’ needs, preferences and expectations

Provide tailored solutions to customers based on their individual requirements

Provide alternative options to customers when their first preference is not available

Take opportunities to upsell and cross sell products and services to maximise the profitability of the transaction

Accredited or non-accredited: which is right for you?

As a nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code 0712), the NRA Retail Institute delivers both accredited and non-accredited training across Australia. But what is the difference? What does it really mean for you? And which one is right for you?

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