Yout team can benefit from skills training on handling abuse and aggression in the retail workplace. It is important to address this issue to ensure a safe and respectful work environment.

Developing conflict resolution skills will positively impact professional performance and improve psychosocial outcomes for all retailers – regardless of their level.

The National Retail Association has developed a range of training options for effectively managing instances of abuse and aggression in a retail workplace setting.

During training, the main emphasis is placed on the principles of recognising, responding, and reporting. This involves identifying potential threats, acquiring skills to de-escalate disrespectful or aggressive behaviour, and taking action by reporting threatening behaviour.

Generally, this course is not limited to use by the retail industry – Our non-accredited workshops can be customised to suit the needs of workers who regularly interact with customers, clients, or the general public as part of their daily work duties.


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Training course options:

  • Option One

    A: Accredited Training  – Short Course


    Topic: Nationally recognised accredited short training course – SIRXCEG008 Manage disrespectful, aggressive, and abusive customers.

    Duration:  TWO DAYS | Qualified Trainer-Assessor Led | Onsite or Online

    • One day: Classroom-based training, online or onsite (9:30 am – 4:30 pm QLD AEST)
    • One day: Completing assessment activities to embed learning.
    • This is a standalone unit of competency endorsed by the service industries.
    • Learners who complete the training are issued a Statement of Attainment that can be used as a credit towards future studies where this UoC is included in the qualification and course outline.

    B: Non-Accredited Workshop – Short Course

    Duration: ONE DAY | Qualified Trainer-Assessor Led | Onsite or Online

    In some cases, gaining skills is more crucial than intensive learning through theory and practical application.

    • We can modify accredited training to provide a comprehensive workshop experience for businesses and organisations seeking to master the course content available in the accredited training fully.
  • Option Two

    Non-Accredited Workshop – Short Course

    Topic: Dealing with Abusive and Aggressive Customers

    Duration: 3 HOURS |  Instructor-led | Onsite or Online

    Again, in some cases, gaining skills is more crucial than intensive learning through theory and practical application.  Our workshop was born at the request of our members, who needed practical skills training without disrupting daily operations.

    • The option to customise this workshop for your business or organisation is available.
    • No Enrolment forms to be completed by your staff.
    • No Statement of Attainment (Certificate) will be

    Delivery strategy for options one and two:

    • We provide businesses and organisations with flexible training options, including public and in-house group training sessions. Our expert trainers will deliver training that will empower your team with the necessary knowledge and skills.
    • Training is delivered via traditional classroom settings, on-site or online virtual classrooms.
    • Training can be customised to consider your organisational policies and procedures.
    • A minimum of 15 attendees are required.



  • Option Three

    Non-accredited Self-paced Learning – Short Course

    Topic: Handling, Abusive and Aggressive Customers,

    Duration: 1 – 1.5 HOURS | Self-paced |  No Instructor Support

    • An excellent tool for onboarding new staff or yearly revisiting essential skills required for retail job functions, particularly those related to safety and welfare.
    • Training is self-paced via our eLearning web-based program Moodle.
    • Learners can access content when most convenient to them and gain the knowledge they need to address immediate concerns.
    • There is no need for enrolment forms, and Employers can access this training for their staff by purchasing training in ‘bulk’.
  • How will my organisation benefit?

    Staff will gain the skills and techniques to handle difficult customer interactions safely and carry out procedures following business/organisation policy and procedures. This directly impacts their confidence and resilience, which extends to employee satisfaction, retention and productivity.

  • How will I benefit?

    Developing your confidence and resilience in the workplace directly impacts your professional performance and experience.

  • Fees and costs

    Option One A: SIRXCEG008 Manage disrespectful, aggressive, and abusive customers.

    A: Accredited Training

    Learner/Organisation FFS Funded
    Member $100 $50 (Concessional)
    $65 (Non-concessional)
    Non-Member $125 $60 (Concessional)
    $75 (Non-concessional)


    Subsidised funding:

    For QLD residents only and subject to meeting eligibility requirements. A mandatory co-contribution fee applies.

    All prospective learners may be assessed as eligible for state-funded training funding if they have provided sufficient evidence and have not previously accepted a funded training allowance in this unit of competency.


    • Learners must acknowledge that they understand the commitment and effect on their future eligibility for funded training if they agree to accept funded training for this course.
    • Potential learners with a valid concessional card will also receive a reduced fee if they are eligible for funding.

    Learner commitment: As this training course is accredited, we ask that all learners commit to their obligation to fulfil all enrolment requirements once they have commenced training.

    Option One B: SIRXCEG008 Manage disrespectful, aggressive, and abusive customers

    Online classroom delivery prices only. Travel & accommodation charges may apply for onsite delivery.

    Non-Member $2500 Excl. GST

    Member: $2300 Excl. GST

    Option Two: Dealing with Abusive and Aggressive Customers

    Online classroom delivery prices only. Travel & accommodation charges may apply for onsite delivery.

    Non-Member $1800 Excl. GST

    Member: $1500 Excl. GST

    Option Three: Handling, Abusive and Aggressive Customers

    Non-member -$40 Inclusive GST

    Member – $35 Inclusive GST

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Confidently and quickly recognise behaviours that are red flags

Implement strategies to effectively deescalate most aggressive, disrespectful or abusive customer situations

Know how to best handle customer actions that may lead to safety threats

Document and report incidences

Effectively manage personal impacts of situations with critical debriefing strategies

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