Customer Relations

Without customers, your business cannot exist.

An obvious statement, however many businesses small to large, don’t put enough focus on managing their customers.

That’s where a CRM (Customers Relations Management) system comes into play.

Collecting important data like names, address and orders to product preferences and dispute resolutions, can help your business foster a loyal customer base and increase your profitability.

How many times have you called a service provider to discuss an ongoing issue, only to be told they have no record of it and you will need to repeat the claims process?

Not only is explaining the same issue a thousand times frustrating for the customer, it wastes time and money for the businesses.

Switching between providers has never been easier, so once a customer is frustrated, what’s to stop them from jumping ship?

CRM systems are an efficient method of lead tracking, task tracking and tracking staff performance. They allow your business to reveal possibilities by reviewing frequently purchased products or services, customer dislikes and areas for improvement.

Maintaining a single system will also reduce processing times and require less staff to manage, decreasing down time and freeing up your staff to deliver better customer experiences.

The National Retail Association has partnered with the Australian Government to develop the Digital Businesses Kit for Retailers designed to address industry-specific gaps in digital knowledge.

Find out more about customer relations management, visit the Digital Business Kit here.