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According to Retail Biz online magazine, Australian job seekers started searching for casual Christmas work in August, a month earlier than the historical pattern of searching in late September and peaking in November.

With many companies not having listed their Christmas casual roles yet, this is considerably ahead of company recruiting schedules.

The economy benefits from a 170 per cent increase in casual roles over the Australian summer period, with the biggest booms coming from retail.

When it comes to recruitment for the Christmas period there are a number of challenges but there are also a number of new solutions.

“Some of the new apps and technologies around casual workforce management can be quick, efficient, and they can be a real relief for employers when managing all of the other challenges that Christmas can throw at them’, said Mr Trevor Evans, CEO of the National Retail Association (NRA).

Listen to NRA’s CEO, Trevor Evans, explore some of the new solutions out there in the marketplace to assist retailers including NRA partner Workible’s revolutionary job network.

Workible’s world-first technology can cut your recruitment spend by 50-90%, instantly connect you to best-fit candidates and hire within days (if not hours!).

Clients like Dymocks and Max Brenner are using Workible’s social recruitment platform, Talent Communities, to stack the deck with brand fans by passively recruiting in-store and online 24×7.  Using induction videos, surveys and even special offers, they can engage with potential hires before they even have the jobs to fill.

The result?  Best-fit candidates – brand loyal and ready to work – on tap.  We promise, you’ll never dread Christmas Casual recruitment again!

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