Professor Michael Townsley

Professor Townsley is an experienced researcher specialising in the analysis and dissection of the complexities of retail crime using advanced data science techniques, which enable him to design-out opportunities for future crimes. He has worked in the UK and Australia focusing on a range of crimes, including burglary, vehicle crime, alcohol-related violence, clandestine drug labs, and card-not-present fraud.

Professor Townsley is currently Director and Academic Lead of the Profit Protection Future Forum, the premier organisation for Loss Prevention professionals in Australia and New Zealand. Through collaborative efforts, the Forum drives innovation, knowledge sharing, and best practices that safeguard businesses from financial loss. He led the 2022 ANZ Retail Crime Study, the largest shrinkage study focusing on the ANZ region, published in March this year.

Professor Townsley joins the National Retail Association as a Retail Crime Consultant.

Position: Retail Crime Consultant