Greg Griffith

I mentioned last week our team took part in World Retail Congress in Barcelona. Deputy CEO and Director of Legal Lindsay Carroll attended, along with NRA’s 2022 Young Retailer of the Year Stephen Poole, who was awarded the opportunity to travel to Spain for the event.

Stephen’s biggest takeaway from the three-day conference was the emphasis on initiatives across diversity, equality and inclusion, recruitment and brand engagement. It is great to see our young retail leaders focused on making the retail industry a career of choice for others, and we can’t wait to see how Stephen will implement his many takeaways to his brand and business.

Mary Wooldridge, CEO of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, received an incredible turn out when she joined NRA Legal to update members on their requirements under the new WGEA reporting. Organisations with 100 or more employees have until May 31st to submit their reports – if you were not able to attend the webinar, please reach out to our legal team for assistance if needed. We are turning our focus to the next workplace relations session on Workplace Investigations, sharing with members the best practices for identifying and investigating misconduct in the workplace. More information and registrations is here.

Our retail leasing partner LPC is hosting a couple of webinars for members this week, covering what you need to know about negotiation and structuring commercial leasing arrangements that support your business objectives. Rental costs have been impacted significantly by inflation and it is your best interest to understand if your lease is helping or harming your business. By the end of the session, you will be ready to take advantage of opportunities to restructure, relocate and reposition your brick-and-mortar arrangements. Find more information here.

Lastly, a gentle reminder for members to complete our wage review survey. Your insights on how your business will be impacted with a wage increase is very important information that will shape our submission to the Fair Work Commission, which will go a long way in determining the rate of increase for 2023. This is your last chance to have your say before the due date next week. Access the survey here.

Have a great week.