Wednesday 31st May 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm

Identifying and investigating misconduct in the workplace

NRA Legal’s Workplace Investigation Masterclass is designed to equip managers, business owners, and HRM professionals with the skills they need to conduct a procedurally fair investigation into allegations of misconduct.

Now entering its fourth year, the masterclass has been developed to address real issues affecting businesses, including what to do without CCTV footage or independent witnesses, taking disciplinary action based on social media usage, and common errors in investigations identified by the Fair Work Commission.

The online workshop will also cover practical skills including:

  • identifying bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and victimisation;
  • effective interviewing techniques; and
  • assessing witness credibility.

If this activity is relevant to your immediate or long-term needs in relation to your professional development, you may be able to claim one CPD unit for each hour of attendance.

This webinar is $250 (plus GST) per registration.