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One rule of business is that you need to be where your audience is looking for you and these days that’s on their mobile on Google Maps.

We are a generation of convenience too, so if your audience can’t find you easily they’ll just go elsewhere.

Recently this hit home when I decided for my birthday dinner that I was going to go down to the local esplanade for some fish and chips by the bay.

The evening of my birthday, I grabbed my phone, opened up Google Maps and searched for the nearest fish and chip shop to see if it was open, how far away it was and the menu.

Only a few hundred metres away, I took the super long walk (NOT!) to order dinner. The food was fantastic, walking back to where I had setup with my take away, I noticed that there was another fish and chip shop just around the corner.

This shop missed out on my business and probably many more because they didn’t take digital seriously.

If you’re in business and you have people come to your store, café or even office, you need to be on Google My Business.

These days in business you need to make it easy for people to find you, because if they can’t it’s like you don’t exist.

The good thing is that it’s super easy to do, FREE and you can find all the information on how to do it here or you can watch the below video.

Happy Google My Business setting up!

Jessie Janson, Marketing Manager