Product recall situations can happen to any business. It’s too late to know whether your trading partners are prepared to act once a product needs to be removed from the marketplace. You need to understand what your partners need and what you need from them.

Consumers expect faulty products to be removed from the marketplace quickly and effectively. This requires suppliers, wholesalers and retailers to act in collaboration before modern media can highlight any shortcomings.  Industry, in conjunction with GS1, is working together to standardise the communication of product recall and withdrawal notices to ensure all stakeholders can find the most effective way to remove affected product from the marketplace.

Watch this 4 minute video to hear from key product safety experts involved in the grocery industry about what they see as the important factors in successfully communicating product recalls with the intention of acting as quickly as possible. These industry processes and best practices can be applied across sectors.

Alignment of practice is important as many businesses have a good understanding of what they need to do within their own environment, however, often cannot see the requirements or actions of others as clearly.  In complicated trading environments duplicated processes and the volume of communications make recalls and withdrawals difficult to manage quickly, accurately and efficiently.

The creation of a common communication platform simplifies this process for all stakeholders, creating visibility through standardisation of data and the capture of an audit trail and consolidated reporting.

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