Low levels of literacy and numeracy does not mean that an individual is not capable of reading or completing workplace tasks. Rather it means the reading and numeracy tasks of their job role may, on occasion, be beyond their existing skill level and they may need some additional time and assistance.

At various points in most peoples’ working lives, team members require additional assistance and support to refresh a certain skill which has been unused for some time, or needs to be enhanced to keep pace with technological change. Much of this skill development is underpinned, and dependent on the use and application of language, literacy and numeracy (LLN).

Given that much of the training that occurs in Retail is non-accredited and takes place on the job, the NRA has developed tips and strategies to assist trainers and employers to develop workplace literacy and maths skills with their employees. The strategies cover topics such as active listening, questioning, filling in workplace documents and strategies for new managers and are free to access. Get started by clicking here.

The resources and learning tools available through this portal have been designed to assist employers and trainers within the Australian retail industry to support team members that may have foundation skills gaps. This web portal and its associated resources has been produced by the National Retail Association with funding assistance by the Australian Government, Department of Education and Training. We are constantly adding information to this portal, so if there is anything you would like to see included, please email our Training Director, Yvonne Williams.