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Loyalty campaigns have become a critical way to embrace your great customers and drive sales. This Christmas retailing season is a great time to kick your loyalty campaigns up a gear.

No doubt you will experience increased shopping traffic through your bricks and mortar store as well as online stores for those involved in omni-channel retail. This increase in traffic gives you the opportunity to spread the word about your loyalty campaigns and encourage greater participation in them. Your marketing will now have the opportunity to reach more people for the same amount of effort.

  • The first step in any loyalty programme is promoting the fact that you have a loyalty programme. Sounds simple but often is an overlooked critical component.
  • The next step is to have customers sign up to the programme. You can have customers complete a form or simply capture their details into your POS system.
  • Now that you have used the opportunity to expand your loyalty campaign participation, you can embark on increasing sale post-Christmas utilising your new database as the catalyst to communicate.

The work that you do over your Christmas trading period can set your loyalty programme up for years. You now have a database to communicate your great retail offerings to and incentives for returning to your store to purchase and not to mention a greater understanding of your customer purchasing habits now that you can track their purchases.

This guest article was written for us by our partner, CitiXsys Australia. Find out more about their iVend solution here or call 1300 134 612.