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Looking to find new customers, showcase your products and increase online sales? Two words, Google Shopping.

The digital sphere is more exciting than ever, giving brands endless opportunities to meet their business objectives. 

Google Shopping allows for shopping ads to be visible on Google. Once a user searches a product or item, 1 – 8 Google shopping ads appear.

Pulled directly from the customers’ inventory, the content and products shown are relevant to the search conducted by the user. Google has allowed a more seamless shopping experience.

Usually, ads would be created urging the user to click and find the product they want to purchase. This step is now eradicated; users can select their product and click to purchase directly on the Google platform.

Google Shopping ads are powered by two entities, Google AdWords and Google Merchant Centre.

Google Merchant Centre is where your feed lies. Google AdWords is where your campaigns are created and optimised.

It is all in the feed. Your feed is your inventory. You upload this to Google Merchant Centre and ads are created based on the products you currently have in stock.

When setting up your feed, ensure the product name, description, price, product type and image is used so that all the necessary information for purchase is visible.

While setting up these robust ads may take time, it is worth it. Google shopping is the ideal platform to close the gap between products and shoppers.

Not only does it result in an increase of online sales, it also allows new customers to be reached and to directly connect users with your product line.

More importantly, it is all measurable. This allows a more efficient optimisation of campaigns as well as a foolproof way to calculate your returns on ad spend.

Is reaching new customers, advertising your product line and increasing online sales a business objective for your brand?

Then tune your feed, create relevant ads and prepare for the online sales to come through.

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