Seating Area Closed Sign

The National Retail Association (NRA) has welcomed the lifting of several restrictions today, but has expressed concern over the new measure allowing only a maximum of 10 patrons to dine at restaurants.

NRA CEO Dominque Lamb said that for many venues the 10-patron maximum rule will prove to not be financially viable.

“We’re glad to see the National Cabinet and respective state governments turn their attention to easing lockdown restrictions. However, further consultation was needed regarding restaurants, with a ten-patron maximum unlikely to be of much assistance,” Ms Lamb said.

“It’s hard to make money running a restaurant in the good times, being limited to only ten customers at a time is unlikely to see a venue raise enough revenue to cover supply costs, overheads and staff costs.

“We understand the need to prioritise public safety, but any easing of restrictions is pointless unless they are also economically viable. We’d urge the National Cabinet and Premiers to consult closely with industry on this measure to ensure the right balance is struck.”


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