Hero Image Driving Online Sales With Google Id

Written by Dionne Alaveras, News Xtend

Attention all business owners looking to increase online sales.

You ready for another week of tips and hints?

Previously we deep dived into the Facebook platform and looked at how Facebook could be utilised to drive online sales.

This week, we are looking at another digital advertising platform to inspire conversions, Google.

Google is different to Facebook when garnering conversions or online sales. A user doesn’t jump on Facebook with the intent of purchasing. A user jumps on Facebook with the intention of scrolling through their newsfeed. Facebook ads have to entice.

Google ads however, have to align and answer. When a user jumps on Google, they are entering keywords, telling Google their exact intended output.

For example, a user jumps onto Google and searches ‘black formal shoes’.  A user is directly telling Google, this is what I am after. Black, formal shoes.

Is it then right to suggest that online sales could be more easily obtained on the Google platform? Potentially, and here is how to do it.

It’s a words game. Keywords to be exact.

A shoe store looking to advertise on Google should consider adding the above as one of their keywords. Once someone searches the above phrase, their ad will pop up, as it aligns with the search and answers the users request. This is where the importance of knowing your customers comes into play.

Take some time and consider what users will be searching for when looking for your products or services. Align with these, then create ads to answer them.

Like Facebook, Google also allows dynamic shopping ads.

Let’s go back to our ‘black formal shoes’ example.











A shoe business with a fantastic range of black formal shoes can have ads created that perfectly showcase each pair of black formal shoes on their inventory list.

Quick and fast, a user can simply click the thumbnail or the product and purchase the shoes.

News Xtend SEM specialist Jed Tallada provides insights into how to have your website perfectly set-up for these online sales.

“One of the best ways to set your business up for success in driving online sales is to have a website that provides a great user experience – from easy navigation, fast loading times to contact forms that are quick and easy to fill out. If you can make the online user experience amazing, you won’t be subject to people wanting to look for alternative websites to find what they need. Google has found that you can lose almost half of your site visitors once your site starts to take more than 2 seconds to load. Less site visitors equals less opportunities to make a sale.”

A user asks and Google allows your brand to answer.

That is the game. Master it, and watch your online sales increase.

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