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One of the keys to any successful business is remaining focused on your customers. While this stretches from the actual products you sell to your bricks and mortar customer service and your digital user experience, why should it stop there? More and more smart digital marketers are shifting their focus from campaign-centric marketing and measurement to a customer-centric integrated marketing strategy.

In our previous blog we focused on the importance of Multi-Channel Funnel reports in Google Analytics to better understand how each channel contributes to a conversion in it’s own way. But let’s take a step back and consider how customers interact with individual channels through their user journey to better understand the important role they play.

Once you start focusing on your marketing strategy from a customer and persona point of view you can begin to truly understand the value each individual channels offers, whether it directly converts or not. Find out more about the customer journey and the path to purchase by reading the full blog today!

Written by our partners Traffika.