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Clean-Up Australia Day – Sunday 5 March

For over 26 years Australians have joined together on one day of the year to help Clean Up Australia. Since 1993 millions of people around the globe have also heeded the call.

Over the 2+ decades of the event Australians have donated more than 31 million hours towards caring for the environment through Clean Up Australia Day, removing an estimated 311 thousand ute loads of rubbish from more than 166 thousand locations across the country.

Business Clean-Up Day – Tuesday 28 February

In March 2016, businesses across the country did their bit by activating 268 locations; a 5% increase on the same period 2015.

Business Clean Up Day annually attracts nearly 300 business participants together with Business Supporters . Since then a further 27 businesses have added everyday business clean up sites to the total.


Get your business involved

Businesses participate in one of three ways:

  1. Clean up a location near your business premises that needs attention – encouraging staff to devote up to 2 hours of volunteer time to the task
    • Register your location online. After registration the Clean Up Australia Team will send you a Clean Up kit which contains:
      • 25 Clean Up bags
      • Up to 10 pairs of gloves
      • A sharps container
      • A site supervisor vest
      • You will be able to order extra bags, gloves and rubbish pickers through the Create A Clean Up Site registration process and the Clean Up Australia Online Store.iple locations while enjoying sponsorship benefits:
      • View the many online resources provided to help businesses make the most of their clean-up.
  2. Cleaning up your own premises, plus introduce 3 new initiatives under which your business will improve your environmental impact; or
  3. Become a Business Supporter – a sponsorship option that is attractive for businesses with multiple branches. See options in the table below or here.


Find out more

To find out more, or to register your business for Business Clean Up Day 2017, go to www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au