Australia Banned Animal Testing on New Cosmetic Ingredients

The National Retail Association, in partnership with the Australian Government, has developed and launched a nationwide education program to increase understanding of the ban on animal testing in new cosmetic ingredients which came into effect July 2020.

The NRA’s program includes:

  • a dedicated website explaining the ban
  • downloadable factsheets and tools
  • information on voluntary certification programs
  • nationwide engagement of retailers and their staff
  • online consumer education campaign

About the ban

On 1 July 2020, Australia banned animal testing on new cosmetic ingredients. This means that new ingredients used exclusively in cosmetics made or sold in Australia, cannot use information from animal testing to prove their safety from this date.

Importantly, in Australia, ‘cosmetics’ does not just mean make-up. It includes a broad range of personal care and grooming products such as toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream, perfume and moisturisers.

While many cosmetic products have not been tested on animals in Australia for years, this ban will safeguard against it in the future.

Learn More about the Ban



The NRA has created easy-to-understand factsheets and postcards explaining the ban, as well as providing links to handy information such as the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme which regulates chemicals introduced to Australia.

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Information for retailers

Retail businesses do NOT need to take any action regarding the ban, except if you manufacture your own products or import directly.

However, retail staff and brand representatives are often the ones answering consumer questions and providing advice on purchases, so it’s important you can provide your customers with accurate information should they enquire. We recommend briefing your team using the factsheet and resources provided.

Retailers with queries about the ban or program can contact the NRA Policy team at:

Cosmetic manufacturers and retailers who make their own products should already be aware of the ban and Australian safety regulations regarding cosmetic ingredients.

Further information for manufacturers and suppliers is available here: