Plastic Bags

There are only 100 days to go before retailers across Queensland will be forced to permanently bin the plastic bag when the state-wide ban kicks into effect on July 1 2018.

The ban includes all single-use, lightweight shopping bags with handles and a thickness under 35 microns.

NRA Manager of Industry Policy David Stout said that it is vital that businesses and consumers alike are well-prepared for when the ban comes into effect.

“In 100 days Queensland retailers will no longer be able to provide light-weight plastic shopping bags to customers,” Mr Stout said.

“The new laws will apply to all Queensland retail outlets regardless of size or type and shoppers will have to either purchase an alternative bag or bring their own from home.

“Whether it’s grabbing groceries at the supermarket or picking up dinner from the local takeaway, conventional plastic bags will no longer be available to shoppers.

Mr Stout said that from May 1 retailers may provide shoppers with alternative bag options that comply with the new laws should they request one.

“Queensland retailers have known for some time that this ban is coming, and we have begun to see some outlets already implement alternative bag options that are not captured by the impending ban.

“After May 1 if a customer requests an alternative bag that is not banned under the new laws, the retailer may provide them with one and can charge a fee for the alternative bag.

“Retailers who do not comply with the new laws from July 1 face hefty fines of over $6,000 not to mention disruptions to their business and upsetting customers.”

“In conjunction with the Queensland Government, the NRA has been conducting workshops across Queensland to ensure that the industry is well equipped to handle the transition,” Mr Stout said.



For more information on the QLD bag ban, please call 1800 738 245 or email or visit

For more information on the WA bag ban, please call 1800 817 723 or email