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Research shows the odds are stacked against Australian women when it comes to saving for retirement. Factors like the gender pay gap, taking time out of the workforce to care for children or family and having a longer life expectancy, all contribute to most women having less money than men in retirement. Disturbingly, older single women are the fastest growing cohort of homeless people in Australia, with an estimated 40 percent of them living in poverty.*

But there are ways you can narrow the gap and improve your financial security. The following tips are provided by Active Super. If you’d like to know more, visit, or call 1300 547 873 to make an appointment to speak with a financial planner. If you prefer to speak with a woman, just ask. Almost half our planning team are female and ready to help you get active with your super.

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Salary sacrificing

One of the most common ways that women can add to their super is by salary sacrificing. Employers are already required to contribute 10% of their employees’ salaries into super, but workers can choose to redirect even more of their salary towards their retirement.

Depending on how much a woman makes, sacrificing some of her salary might require some lifestyle changes. But the long-term difference it could make to her super could be well worth sticking to bargain shopping, limiting your dining out or taking fewer vacations.

Check out Active Super’s Retirement Lifestyle Calculator to see how much you need to put aside today to save up for the retirement you want.


Spouse contributions

For those who are married, spouse contributions could be a smart way to level the playing field between partners, especially if one person makes significantly more than the other.

A spouse can contribute some of their post-tax earnings to their partner’s super, which helps a couple share the responsibility of saving for retirement. Not only that, but the person contributing to their spouse’s super could be eligible for a tax offset of up to 18 percent.


Consolidating your super

According to the ATO, approximately 4 million Australians have more than one super account. If you’ve ever moved house, started a new job or gone through some other significant life change, it’s not uncommon to lose track of your super.

But multiple super accounts means multiple fees (sometimes even multiple insurance premiums) which can eat into your super over time, leaving you with less in retirement.

Consolidating your super into one account can save you on fees and paperwork and make it easier to keep track so you can focus on growing your super. If you’re an Active Super member, you can consolidate into your Active Super account online in a few clicks. Visit to find out more, or call 1300 547 873.

NOTE: Before combining your super, check what if any insurance you hold with your other fund(s) and if it’s possible to switch your cover across to Active Super too.


Government co-contributions

For the many Australian women who work part time or have lower incomes, government co-contributions can be a way to get extra help.

If you make less than $56,112 per year, you may be eligible to receive a super contribution from the government of up to 50 cents for every dollar you add, with a cap of $500 per year.

This provides people with lower incomes, many of whom are women, with the opportunity to catch up to workers who make significantly higher wages.


Get active with Active Super

Active Super manages more than $14 billion in super assets for over 80,000 members and is one of Australia’s leading super funds for responsible investment. Nearly half our financial planners are women, we have strong female representation on our Board and executive leadership team (33 percent and 42 percent respectively), and we’re passionate about helping our female members achieve greater financial security.

Consider Active Super today. Or, if you’re already a member, talk to us about how to make the most of your super. Call 1300 547 873 or to find out more.