National Retail Expo

The National Retail Association is proud to be launching the NRXpo at the International Convention Centre in Sydney on 1 February.


As one of the most rapidly evolving industries in the world, staying ahead of retail trends is key to maintaining an edge over your competitors.

How often do you register to an online webinar, and then end up not attending? “I’ll watch the recording,” you say. Days pass, deadlines come and go, and the webinar link slowly goes forgotten in your email inbox, buried by more urgent tasks. At a conference, you have no excuses, and no way of getting distracted by that urgent email, or the last-minute meeting that disrupts your plans.

This is why e-commerce and retail conferences are something that you shouldn’t miss, and why you should be saving the date for the inaugural NRXpo. Here’s five fantastic reasons why you should join us in Sydney early next year.


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1. Expand your network

The top benefit of attending a conference? The networking opportunities. We’ve been happy to stay in touch via Zoom, particularly while delivering our National Retail Awards, but nothing beats a real-life, face-to-face meeting. Facetime and social media have helped us to stay connected, but forging new relationships and creating new networks to inspire and support happens at conferences. You can take the opportunity to meet old acquaintances, book in a coffee with suppliers, and develop new friendships with like-minded retailers.


2. Star-studded roster of speakers

The NRXpo will feature some of the greatest innovators and leaders in retail. We’ll have an inspiring keynote speech with Tennealle O’Shannessy, CEO of Adore Beauty, sharing her  deep expertise’ in strategy, business operations, leadership and business transformation. Our other big names include Julie Mathers – Flora & Fauna, Angus McDonald – Barbeques Galore, Jeremy Krause – Global Retail Brands, Shane Lenton – Cue Clothing, Sandradee Makejev – St Frock, Angus Nardi – Shopping Centre Council of Australia, and many more.


3. Topics for all types of retail

Whether you’re a bricks-and-mortar, e-commerce retailer or a bit of both, our agenda will offer something for you. We have industry experts across a raft of verticals providing their insights on issues that matter to you. Our workshops and panels cover topics from sustainability in textiles, the future of retail, payment portals, loyalty programs, and activating your store to provide the best customer experience. You may not be the only one facing a specific challenge in your business – dive deep and find solutions.

4. Food and drink on us

We don’t want you distracted by a grumbling stomach – the NRXpo is fully catered for all of our attendees. Enjoy morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and networking drinks after the event closes. Rather than foraging for food, you can concentrate on building your retail network.


5. It’s for everyone

You don’t have to be a CEO, CIO or C-anything to get value out of this event. You can work in human resources, marketing, operations, customer experience – you can come from a small, medium or large business. There is value for all retailers in the NRXpo.


Book your flights and secure your tickets now! And don’t forget your NRA Member number to access a special discounted rate. We’ll see you in the flesh in Sydney on Tuesday, 1 February.


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