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Written by Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis, Retail Doctor Group

One of the first things I ask retailers when looking at their retail strategy is just how well do they actually know their consumers?  What I can tell you from experience is that not only do they not know them well; the opportunities to meet them are rapidly decreasing.

In this multi-channel retail environment, understanding consumers is essential to grow your business and get those cash registers ringing.  But what if you had the opportunity to meet your real consumer even before they walked through the door?  What if you could predict their real behavioural drivers and design your cross-channel offer by truly understanding why they behave like they do towards your brand?

Understanding your consumers and what drives them is the foundation that informs every aspect of your business strategy – from brand positioning, cross-channel offer, marketing mix, store layout, to on-the-ground sales interaction.

Strategy without consumer insights is like surgery with a blunt scalpel. What could a better understanding of your consumers do for your business?

If you could ask your consumers one question, what would it be?

In Q1 2019 Retail Doctor Group’s Insights division will be conducting a consumer insights study to understand the changing behaviours of Australian consumers.

We would like to invite all NRA members to submit the questions they would most like to understand about their consumers. We would also like to understand what retailers’ top priorities are for 2019 and how a deeper consumer understanding could help achieve them.

Share your suggestions through the below link and be part of our upcoming Retail Consumer Insights Study.