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The WA Containers for Change pricing scheme for first responsible suppliers (beverage manufacturers) has now been announced.

Set to commence operation on 2 June 2020, Containers for Change will provide a 10-cent refund for each eligible container returned for recycling at an approved Containers for Change Refund Point. The scheme aims to improve recycling rates, create new businesses and employment opportunities across the State, and provide a new way for community organisations and charities to raise money.

Containers for Change is a product stewardship scheme in which first responsible suppliers share responsibility for the sustainable management of products. As with CDS schemes in other States, first responsible suppliers pay for the cost of operating a convenient and accessible recycling scheme to
recover eligible containers.

The initial scheme pricing is shown in the table below.

Material Type Cost per container supplied (ex GST) Cost per container supplied (ex GST) Plus GST Cost per container supplied (Inc GST)
Aluminum 11.39 cents 1.14 cents 12.53 cents
Glass 11.84 cents 1.18 cents 13.02 cents
HDPE 11.85 cents 1.19 cents 13.04 cents
PET 11.76 cents 1.18 cents 12.94 cents
LPB 12.17 cents 1.22 cents 13.39 cents
Other materials 12.17 cents 1.22 cents 13.39 cents
Weighted average cost 11.65 cents 1.17 cents 12.82 cents


View the DWER Container Deposit Scheme website here >

View the WARRRL website here >

View the Containers for Change website here >


The National Retail Association continues to provide advice and input on behalf of retailers in our role on the WA Container Deposit Scheme advisory group.

Retailers interested in becoming a collection point, or seeking more information, should contact the NRA Policy team at