Container Refund Scheme

We are now less than 60 days away from the 1 October 2020 Containers for Change launch in Western Australia and the WARRRL has provided an update on the product registration process.

A list of products that were previously approved in the Queensland container deposit scheme has now been pre-approved for the Western Australian scheme. This is now available for suppliers to review and ascertain what additional products need to be applied for.

All Queensland products transferred to WA are currently registered in WARRRL’s name. A process to transfer to the appropriate supplier will start after scheme commencement. 

From 27 August, the portal will be available for First Responsible Suppliers to sign up and execute the Supply Agreements. This enables access to the product registry portal for submission of eligible products that have not already been registered (see list of WA approved products).

Ahead of the system becoming available, products can be submitted for approval using the application template which you can access by clicking on the button below or via the Resources page of the WARRRL website. These applications will be made in WARRRL’s name (prior to a signed Supply Agreement). Completed applications will need to be returned to before 7 August 2020.


There is no cost for supplier agreement sign up or product registration. If you have any questions please contact

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulations (DWER) has provided guidance for First Responsible Suppliers. Click here to access this document.

Note: The container approval process is run in accordance with Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (Container Deposit Scheme) Regulations 2019, Part 1A, Division 3 Container Approvals.


The National Retail Association continues to provide advice and input on behalf of retailers in our role on the WA Container Deposit Scheme Advisory Group.

Retailers interested in becoming a collection point, or seeking more information, should contact the NRA Policy team at