The National Retail Association has taken the initiative to create a comprehensive Trading Hours Summary factsheet that serves as a valuable resource for retailers and consumers, detailing the projected trading hours for both Christmas and New Year’s in the upcoming year 2023 – 24.

This factsheet provides a clear and organised overview of when businesses are expected to open and close their doors during these festive holiday seasons.

The National Retail Association is committed to supporting the retail industry and promoting a seamless shopping experience for consumers. By providing this factsheet, the National Retail Association enables retailers to adjust their staffing, inventory, and marketing strategies accordingly, ensuring they can meet the demands of holiday shoppers effectively.

This trading hours summary plays a vital role in enhancing the overall holiday experience for both retailers and consumers, encouraging a harmonious and enjoyable atmosphere during the festive season.



The National Retail Association represents more than 60,000 stores across Australia. It has been serving businesses in the retail and fast-food sectors for close to 100 years.

For more information on trading hours, contact the National Retail Association Policy team at or phone 1800 RETAIL (738 245).

For queries in relation to employee entitlements on public holidays, please contact the National Retail Association Workplace Relations team.