Tips for Optimising Online Sales

Optimising online sales: How to convert lookers to purchasers

There are many good reasons for selling your products or services online. Most importantly, selling online increases your market reach, exposes your product to new customer groups, and creates opportunities to increase your overall sales revenue.

However, just because you offer an online shopping cart doesn’t mean people will buy. As you are developing your website, online store, and messaging, there are strategies and best practices to consider.



15 Tips to Increase Online Sales

  • Professional easy-to-navigate website or eStore.
  • Use of images and multi-media content to promote better search results and customer engagement.
  • Clear demonstration of the product.
  • Show how the product solves a problem and is of value to the customer.
  • Support customers in self-identifying themselves using and needing/participating in the product or service.
  • Include strong action statements.
  • Incentives, such as time limitations or coupon codes.
  • Engagement methods, such as news sign-ups.
  • Word-of-mouth tactics, such as rating links, testimonials and social media.
  • Review and rating system and use of 3rd party review sites.
  • Easy-to-use check-out process with minimal “clicks”.
  • Obvious contact information, including email, phone number and hours of operation.
  • Demonstrate the sale environment is secure with 3rd party certification logos.
  • Up-sell with associated products.
  • Consider all aspects of the sale as an opportunity to improve value, including postage costs.