Mother’s Day, It’s Time to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy

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By Aparna Gray, Head of Marketing, APAC – Dotdigital

With Easter behind us, it’s time for marketers to show some love for their Mother’s Day marketing efforts. Over the years, Mother’s Day has become an established holiday and is proven to be a busy time for retailers. It’s an excellent way to entice shoppers with heart-felt offers, to help show mums all around the country how special they are, and a great opportunity to boost sales (as an added bonus)! Let’s look at some key tactics marketers can use this Mother’s Day to stay on top of the game.


Customer preferences

Over the past few years, retailers have started sending emails to their customer base ahead of time to ask if they’d prefer not to receive Mother’s Day emails. Mother’s Day can be challenging for some people for many reasons. We are seeing this trend grow in prominence over the past few years, and with good reason.

If you’re planning on sending more than one email around Mother’s Day, it’s a nice touch to give your subscribers a chance to opt-out. It’s a way your brand can show customers that you care about their emotional well-being, thereby strengthening the relationship. It also makes sense from a business angle as you give people another option to unsubscribe in full. The same goes for Father’s Day too, so if these are dates your brand tends to celebrate, you can always include these sometimes sensitive holidays in your preference centre.


Smart messaging or content

One of the key elements of any campaign is content. Keep the content clear and straightforward, which taps into the emotion associated with mothers. Put Mother’s Day in the spotlight in all your communications across channels. Avoid jargon, complicated phrases, and innuendoes so you can easily connect with the audience. Otherwise, it will drive away potential customers if they fail to connect with the tone of the messaging.

In Lyre’s Spirit Co’s journal section, the Mother’s Day messaging sets the perfect tone. It ensures the message appeals to a broader audience and suggests a few activity ideas for their customers, to help plan the day with their mum and make it memorable.


Gift guides

You can’t beat a good gift guide. For an occasion where a lot of your customer base will be buying gifts, but at different budgets, and for the customers who you don’t have insight data on, it’s great to offer a variation in products. Flora & Fauna never fail to amaze their customers. The team creates curated gift ideas for every occasion, and they’ve done it again for Mother’s Day.

Flora & Fauna has also done a fantastic job segmenting the guide into different sub-sections – Natural Soap, Tea, Skincare & Beauty, Candles & Diffusers, Perfume & Cards. Each unit showcases a few products picks with clear CTAs. It is a smart upsell to keep emotion into the sometimes detached act of sending something online direct to a recipient.

As a mother of two fantastic sons, Mother’s Day is always special for me, but it can be a sensitive occasion for some subscribers. Be sure to handle it with care and offer options to opt-out. With that said, it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase brand values and share some emotive messaging. These examples show that you can take established occasions and make them work for you, whatever your brand.