The Leasing Department Joins Lpc Cresa

This month, our leasing and tenancy partner The Leasing Department joined with one of Australia’s leading tenant-side leasing and property advisory businesses Lpc Cresa.

The union provides The Leasing Department with an opportunity to expand on the offer and services it has been providing NRA members over the past two years.

The Leasing Department Founder, Kyle Swain has taken on the role of Retail Director for Lpc Cresa in Australia and New Zealand. In this role, Kyle is responsible for growing the LPC Cresa brand in the retail sector, while continuing to represent clients in all retail leasing and tenancy matters.

“As part of LPC Cresa we have access to a broader range of resources and systems that provide significant benefits to us achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients,” Kyle said.

LPC Cresa is part of the global Cresa group and shares the same guiding principles and fundamental reason for existing as The Leasing Department.

“We continue to be committed to working only for retail tenants and levelling the playing field when negotiating with landlords to ensure the best possible terms are achieved for our clients,” Kyle said.

On average, rental costs equal as much as 25 per cent of total sales revenue. In today’s challenging retail environment, retailers should be taking every opportunity to minimise this significant cost to their business.

“Never miss an opportunity to negotiate a better deal and realign your base rent with current business conditions,” Kyle says.

“We encourage all our clients to be as proactive as possible about managing their lease – whether they have just one or multiple leases. You need to give yourself time to plan and negotiate the best possible outcome for your business with the landlord.”

NRA members are eligible for an initial complementary consultation with Lpc Cresa to discuss issues and questions relating to their retail lease. Following initial contact, members may then choose to formally engage Lpc Cresa to act on their behalf.

Contact the National Retail Association today on 1800 RETAIL (1800 738 245).