future of HR and Payroll software

In today’s world where technology is rapidly evolving, the value that an effective HR & Payroll strategy can deliver to an organisation is more important than ever.

By leveraging tools, systems and data to draw insights and provide strategic direction to management, HR technology is a necessity in helping organisations better serve their key stakeholders and ultimately improve their customer’s experience.

To play this role, HR & Payroll software providers must provide and continually improve an organisation’s ability to achieve and maintain 100% compliance whilst creating greater visibility, flexibility and functionality. In some respects these systems become an extension of Finance or Operations by identifying opportunities for process improvement and effective business outcomes that can achieve greater efficiency, greater productivity and reduced risk.

Effective HR & Payroll management has a direct economic value to all organisations whilst also ensuring that organisation avoid the heavy cost of non – award compliance. In order for organisations to achieve better outcomes for all stakeholders it is vitally important to actively partner with an effective HR & Payroll provider to improve operational capabilities & efficiencies, reduce administrative burden and reduce HR & Payroll risk which will ultimately lead to a positive ROI across the business.

Enter: Roubler.

The National Retail Association is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Australian based and Retail specific HR & Payroll provider, Roubler. Roubler is an end to end HR, Workforce Management and Payroll platform that has specifically focused on providing a cost – effective and compliant solution for shift based workforces. With a specific focus on the Australian Retail Sector, Roubler provides a fit for purpose solution to all Retail Industry employers and will offer NRA members access to a compliant, cost effective solution for their HR Workforce Management and Payroll requirements.

Roubler’s End to End Platform includes;

  • Job Posting & Applicant Tracking
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Rostering & Labour Cost Forecasting
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Modern Award Compliance and Interpretation
  • Leave & Unavailability Management
  • Employee Self Service Mobile App
  • Fully Managed or Self Managed Payroll
  • Accounting Software Integration

The National Retail Association is extremely excited to partner with Roubler and to provide our members a fantastic solution for their HR & Payroll requirements.

If you would like to know more about Roubler and our special NRA member pricing, please get in touch today!