If you are a manufacturer, distributor, importer, contract bottler, or retailer supplying beverage containers into/within Victoria, you may be considered a First Supplier.

In Victoria, if you are a First Supplier according to the Circular Economy (Waste Reduction and Recycling) Act 2021 (VIC), you have a legal obligation to participate in Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS Vic) and enter a contract with VicReturn.

To check if you will be considered a first supplier see the DRAFT determination guidelines provided by the State CDS Vic determination instruments consultation | Victorian Government (www.vic.gov.au)

In accordance with section 110 of the Act, first suppliers are required to enter a Supply Arrangement with the scheme coordinator. This also involves signing a First Supplier Deed and Accession Deed with VicReturn and the State’s regulatory body, Recycling Victoria. To see what agreements first suppliers need to enter into go to this FAQ page on our website FAQs – VicReturn .

You can now register your details to contract as a First Supplier in Victoria via the contracting portal on the VicReturn website Getting started – VicReturn, download the instructions, (there is a video that will be available soon) and click the blue register button in the Step 2. Register with us section. Once Recycling Victoria, the Victorian Government’s regulatory body approves your registration as a First Supplier in Victoria you will be set up to complete the contracting process.

How will you know you have completed the contracting steps?

1.  Registered (via the contracting portal) Your authorised contact will receive an emailed First Supplier determination Certificate from the State for each entity when registration is complete. This is proof of registration.
2. Contracted (via the contracting portal) Your authorised contact will receive an emailed executed contract for each entity when contracting is complete. This is proof of contracting.

Then what happens?

The next step will be to enter annual volumes and register containers, your authorised contact will be able to set up additional users once they receive an executed contract. More details will be emailed when the product registry system is launched.

We have included a timeline summary below of the scheme mobilisation dates ahead of the planned scheme commencement on 1 November 2023.


1. Scheme pricing by material type published on VicReturn website Pricing Guide – VicReturn 1 July 2023
2. Registrations open for first suppliers contracting system 1 August 2023
3. First suppliers detailed information session

(webinar, link to follow you only need to attend one session)

10am Tuesday 22nd August


1pm Wednesday 23rd August

4. First suppliers to commence contracting Once State guidelines are final

(mid August 2023)

6. Product Registry System Launch Early September
7. Submit historical volumes to VicReturn via the template within 10 business days of contract effective date
8. Scheme Commencement 1 November 2023
9. First submission of monthly volumes required by large suppliers 15 December 2023
10. First monthly invoice issued by VicReturn to large suppliers 22 December 2023
11. First payment due of monthly scheme contribution by large suppliers 3 January 2024 (5 business days from invoice issue)
12. First declaration for small first suppliers

Second declaration for large first suppliers

15 January 2024
13. Invoices issued for small and large first suppliers 22 January 2024
14. First payment by small first suppliers

Second payment by large first suppliers

30 January 2024


For more information, you can ready out to VicReturn at firstsuppliers@vicreturn.com.au