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Online retailing has been a great addition to the retail landscape but the convenience that it offers is something that physical stores are now needing to mimic.

There is no denying that online shopping has really transformed retail and many household shopping habits.

The biggest advantage of online shopping is clearly convenience. Shopping when you like, from anywhere you choose is a great advantage.

For those retailers that have both online and physical stores, the demands to extend that level of convenience to their physical locations is real.

Retailers call this mix of online and instore sales interactions as omnichannel retailing while shopper simply view this as shopping and nothing else.

Convenience instore can be characterised as allowing a shopper to interact with both your digital and physical stores seamlessly. Returning online purchases instore, click and collect purchases, online inventory lookup for your nearest store, are all example of the convenience that shoppers are seeking.

When there is a gap between your online and physical integration, this is called “The Digital Disconnect”

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