Doughnut Time

From lawyer to King of Doughnuts, Damian Griffiths is expanding his empire to include a premium Sydney location.

Doughnut Time has rapidly expanded since opening 16 months ago, growing from one small Brisbane store to over 27 stores across Australia.

According to Griffiths, the key has been creating a recognisable and trusted brand with a loyal following, and hiring people better than yourself.

“You have to get the people who are excited to do it,” said Griffiths.

“We’ve focused on creating a brand and the right product – we are hand-making thousands of doughnuts a day. It’s a huge challenge. They’re not made by machine, but by real people.” Griffiths said.

The latest addition to the Doughnut Time empire is positioned in a popular area with high foot traffic in Manly Corso on Sydney’s North Shore.

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