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In an exceedingly social and data-driven world, language, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy (LLND) skills are imperative to individuals entering and furthering themselves in the workforce. These skills set the basic foundation to maximise effectiveness of additional training, and upskilling is a significant factor in ‘hireability’. An absence of, or an inadequacy of, these skills puts individuals at a disadvantage in the workplace and can be a roadblock to employment for certain roles, and may limit individuals trying to explore a broader spectrum of careers.

This is why the Australian Government has developed the Foundation Skills for your Future Program – to support those needing stronger language, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills. The National Retail Association (NRA) is a supplier of this program for workplaces of all sizes, following our commitment to supporting the retail industry with the training and skills to thrive and survive. This program is at no cost to businesses, and can cover either accredited or non-accredited training up to a Certificate II level.

Businesses are encouraged to take advantage of this tailored program to support Australians who need flexible training in reading, writing, maths, English and/or digital skills. It is important to continue investing back into our country and workforces, and ensure Australia has the skills within to continue to succeed and grow as a nation.


Examples of tailored training

  • Digital literacy training, such as learning the efficient use of various software systems in your workplace e.g point of sale, payroll, CRM, HR systems, staff learning portal.
  • Assisting staff to read and understand workplace policies and procedures, as these are often very lengthy and filled with jargon. We can also help in assisting staff to reformat them into a simpler format.
  • Electronic communications training such as learning how to professionally and diplomatically write emails and other forms of electronic communication.
  • Improving the reading and writing skills of employees with English as a second language – this will improve their ability to comprehend and interpret workplace texts, develop competence and confidence in English communication skills (speaking and listening) and facilitate clearer messaging in the workplace context, improving their productivity and client outcomes.
  • Improving the digital literacy of mature workers to better engage with workplace digital platforms.


Eligibility requirements

Participants of the program must:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, age 15 years and over;
  • have left secondary education; and
  • be employed or recently unemployed (within the past nine months) and are not registered with an Australian Government employment service provider.


Not too sure if this program is relevant for you? Contact us to learn more about the program, or to work with us to develop tailored programs for your employees on or 1800 732 066.

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