Happy Fathers Day

With another celebration looming forward, it’s that time of year again for business to showcase their love for Father’s Day through sincere marketing efforts. Father’s Day is one of the many special days and significant events throughout the year to include in your e-commerce and retail calendar. It can also be an excellent opportunity for retailers to skyrocket their conversation rates, especially in terms of retail and consumer spendings when people want to express their appreciation for a special someone.  

For the love for our fathers and fatherly figures out there in the world, let’s look at some great advertising tips to draw consumers into the funnel of branding awareness.  


Customer Preferences

In the leap up to Father’s Day, perhaps use this opportunity to appeal to your subscribers by giving them a chance to opt-out of any emails around this event. With emails now becoming a standard operation for Marketers to get the message out there ahead of time, it’s also beneficial for the company’s brand to give those who view this as a sensitive time the option to not receive any further coverage. As we have mentioned before, occasions such as Father’s Day can be a difficult time for some people.  

Mecca realizes this sentiment and therefore, they have sent an email that allows their subscribers to opt-out of Father’s Day emails which have been praised by thousands. Such an empathetic approach goes a long way in retaining customers and building a strong brand reputation. By taking this consideration on board, has provided a human side that appeals to the emotional value of everyone. 

Be Smart, Be Entertaining in Content  

All dad jokes aside, email messaging doesn’t always have to be serious when it comes to getting a message out there. Especially on occasions such as Father’s Day where you can use this advantage by injecting a little humour into your content to keep things light-hearted. By utilising irony can be a great way to connect with your customers and humanise your brand. 
There are plenty of great ingredients in email messaging that prove successful executions. In FOOD52, their Father’s Day email introduces humour to get their customers over the line while also promoting sales and special offers. This ensures that all the boxes of good email design and detail are ticked and what would Father’s Day be without the dad jokes? 

Add a little Uniqueness to Your Gift 

A product that customers can either customise or personalise makes for a much more meaningful Father’s Day gift.   

If your store sells products or services that only you offer, promote these to your Subscribers. The idea is to leap on the road of exclusivity and give not only Dad’s but your Subscribers something they would not expect. Being unique and diverse is the new direction many companies are steering toward.  

In its Father’s Day email campaign Codeverse showed its customers how they can code up a custom video game for Dad. Gift mugs and ties are fun, but some people want more original ways to show their appreciation for dad like a personalized gift. 

Set yourself apart from the competition by offering something more unique in your Father’s Day email campaign.