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WA and NSW are rolling out significant plastic bans in the next few months. Retailers and their suppliers urgently need to be across these new laws if you operate in either state or online.

We understand these bans can present challenges, especially with current supply, staffing and economic impacts. The bans can also be difficult to understand if you don’t have dedicated specialists as different rules apply in each state/territory. Businesses need to be especially cautious about “plant-based” or compostable plastics, as well as plastic linings or laminates, found in many banned items.

The NRA is holding online Q&A sessions on the last Wednesday of every month leading up to each ban.

These free sessions are designed for businesses to “pop-in” and ask your burning questions. You can attend just one session to get all of the information you need, or pop in each month if you or your team have additional questions. Our Policy team are experts in plastics bans having worked extensively on 10 bans in just the past 4 years. If we can’t answer your question in the session, we will take your query directly (and anonymously if you wish) to government for a quick and accurate answer.

Don’t wait until the last minute – ban enforcement starts in June/July.

  • Register for the next NSW session (Wed 30 March 10am AEDT): REGISTER HERE
  • Register for the next WA session (Wed 30 March 2pm AEDT): REGISTER HERE

Impacted retailers, hospitality, suppliers, manufacturers, charities, and other representative bodies are welcome to attend or share these sessions with your network. All sessions are free and you do not need to be an NRA member.



More information on the WA Plastics Ban

The WA ban includes:

  • Banned from 1 July: all plastic shopping bags with handles regardless of thickness, disposable plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, plates, unlidded food bowls, unlidded food containers, EPS food containers and trays.
  • Banned from 1 October: disposable plastic cups for cold drinks.
  • Some exemptions apply (including a new transitional exemption for EU certification)

The NRA has developed a dedicated website, resources and signage for businesses: We’re also visiting thousands of retailers in their stores, providing materials and manning a tollfree hotline up to and beyond the WA ban.

More information on the NSW Plastics Ban

The NSW ban includes:

  • Banned from 1 June: lightweight plastic shopping bags with handles which are 35 microns or less
  • Banned from 1 November: single-use plastic straws, cutlery, stirrers, plates, unlidded bowls, EPS food containers.
  • Some exemptions will apply.

The NRA has developed resources and signage for businesses which can be found on the NSW Government website:  We’re also visiting thousands of retailers in their stores, holding community sessions and manning a tollfree hotline up to and beyond the NSW ban.

Sustainability Updates

The NRA team continue to assist businesses in managing current bans and provide news on upcoming or proposed bans. We provide regular updates on plastic bans, exemptions, public consultations, and other sustainability initiatives rolling out across Australia and New Zealand.

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