Shoppers are becoming exhausted by digital ubiquity and are therefore beginning to seek sanctuary in physical retail stores for the human to human experience that bricks and mortar provides.

The ‘fittest’ retailers are able to capitalise on this consumer desire, by utilising the power of personalisation within the store experience.

From using big data to personalise your communication strategy to investing in staff training to improve customer service, personalisation is a powerful and effective tool to drive loyalty, which can ultimately lead to positive brand experience spread via word of mouth and user generated content, and ultimately increase sales.

Join Retail Doctor Group and the National Retail Association on Wednesday 27th April 2016 at 13:00 EST in their next Digital Business Kit interactive webinar to reflect on the power of personalising your retail offer.

This webinar is built by retailers for retailers, so submit your own questions or real life scenarios when you register to be discussed LIVE in the webinar!

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