Course description

Work health and safety (WHS) involves the assessment and mitigation of risks that may impact the health, safety or welfare of those in your workplace including employees, customers, visitors, contractors, suppliers and volunteers. Business owners have legal responsibilities to implement health and safety practices in their workplace as soon as they start their business. Knowing and understanding WHS laws and how they apply to your business will help you avoid unnecessary costs and damage due to workplace injury and illness. This course will show you how to identify faults and report problems according to work health and safety legislation.

Key Learnings

Application of basic safety and emergency procedures

Involving team members in WHS matters

Monitoring and maintaining a safe work environment

Managing health and safety risks

Identifying common hazards such as manual handling, slips, trips and falls, machinery and equipment, electrical, cash handling and fatigue

Identifying the need for WHS training

Workers compensation and return to work

Policies and procedures

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