Course description

Many organisations invest in external training to ensure their managers and supervisors have the necessary skills to effectively lead their teams and future workforce. Our People Leadership Program delivers critical skills for managers and senior staff such as effective communication, negotiation skills and how to build resilience within teams.

All of our business development short courses (not including legal compliance courses) can be delivered flexibly to suit your needs. This includes face-to-face, 100% online or a blended delivery of both. We also understand the pressures and struggles of the daily grind which makes training during normal work hours (9am-5pm) not always possible. This is why we can also do evenings, early mornings or even weekends. Simply contact one of our team members to work out the most optimal time for you.

This course consists of 5 key topics, with each topic being a one-day workshop.


Key Topic Description
Topic 1: Communication • Communication
• Influence and persuasion skills
• Change management
Topic 2: People Management • Understanding people’s capabilities
• Situational leadership
• Succession planning
• Managing a diverse workforce
• Managing my team for retention
• Employee engagement
• Coaching and the GROW model
Topic 3: Leading My Team • Problem solving
• Root cause analysis
• Decision making
• Managing performance
• Performance management
• Must have conversations
Topic 4: Inspire My Team • Management VS Leadership
• Delegation in practice
• What a GREAT team Looks Like
• Inspire my team to engage with our customers
Topic 5: Resilience • What is resilience and why do we need it?
• The Johari Window
• What is stress and how does this affect us?
• How does low resilience affect our team and business?
• Tools to build resilience every day
• Creating an environment of resilience for my team


Key Learnings

Communication skills

Management techniques

Resilience skills

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