Course description

Many parts of Australia have legal requirements that food businesses have a food safety supervisor in their workplace. This is why employers particularly value new employees who can demonstrate an understanding in this area. Our training course will give participants an understanding of food safety standards, how to maintain them, and how to avoid food safety breaches which can seriously affect customers’ health and safety, as well as the reputation of the business.

With the internet at your customers’ fingertips, businesses cannot afford to breach food safety regulations, as a damaged reputation may take years to repair, or may even be irreversible. Even more importantly, when a person’s health and wellbeing is at stake, all business owners and staff should take every precaution necessary to ensure impeccable food hygiene and safety practices is maintained.

All of our business development short courses (not including legal compliance courses) can be delivered flexibly to suit your needs. This includes face-to-face, or a blended delivery. This qualification requires an observation report to be completed and submitted as part of the assessment process. We also understand the pressures and struggles of the daily grind which makes training during normal work hours (9am-5pm) not always possible. This is why we can also do evenings, early mornings or even weekends. Simply contact one of our team members to work out the most optimal time for you.

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Key Learnings

A comprehensive understanding of food safety standards

Knowledge of how to effectively maintain food safety standards

Knowledge of how to avoid food safety breaches, and remain compliant

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