Seamless is Australia’s clothing stewardship scheme that enables the clothing industry to do what no single organisation can do alone: Transform how clothing is ​made, enjoyed and recycled in Australia. It aims to make the Australian clothing industry truly circular by 2030 and significantly reduce the 200,000 tonnes of clothing that currently goes into Australian landfill sites each year.

How will Seamless work?

Seamless takes a stewardship approach, recognising that brands that place clothes on the Australian market are responsible for the entire life of that product – from design through to reuse, recycling and sustainable disposal.

The Seamless scheme will be funded by a levy of 4 cents per garment, contributed by the responsible brands who join as members. Current economic modelling suggests that if 60% of the market joins the scheme, a funding pool of around $36 million will be raised per year to transform the industry. These funds will be invested in four priority areas:

  • Circular Design – incentivising sustainable clothing design with products that are more durable, repairable, recyclable and safe
  • Circular Business – fostering new models for reuse, repair, rental, and other services that prolong clothing lifespan
  • Closing the Materials Loop – expanding clothing collection, sorting and recycling practices for effective resource recovery
  • Citizen Behaviour Change – encouraging better choices in clothing acquisition, use, care, and recycling

Have any brands already signed up?

Eight of Australia’s most iconic brands have committed to responsible leadership and continuous improvement by joining Seamless as Foundation Members: Big W, Cotton On Group, David Jones, Lorna Jane, Rip Curl, R.M. Williams, Sussan Group and THE ICONIC. The Seamless scheme commences from 1 July 2024, and more early leaders will be announced and celebrated in the launch communications around that time. Seamless is for every brand and we hope you’ll be standing tall with us!

How do I learn more, or become a Seamless member?

To find out more about how Seamless works, the role of members and their benefits, and how we can work together to transform how clothing is designed, enjoyed and recycled in Australia, click here.

Any brand can register to become a Seamless Member here.

Industry stakeholders – recyclers, reuse operators, technology suppliers, government agencies, professional services, other organizations, or academics – can register to become a supporter here, Calling all clothing industry stakeholders! Sign up as a Seamless supporter today.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to being a responsible brand so that all Australians can choose, enjoy and recycle clothing.