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Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has determined that from 11.59pm tonight, Victoria will update coronavirus restrictions to provide more freedoms. The National Retail Association has been extremely vocal about the need for these changes are more stories of customer violence in non-essential retail emerged. We are delighted that our advocacy has been heard and the Public Health Protections will now protect everyone, including our front line workers.

These rules will be in place until 12 January 2022.



The mandatory vaccination requirement will be removed for all customers in retail, except hair and beauty services, and will also be removed in real estate, places of worship, weddings and funerals.

Under the pandemic orders, restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs are still only open to fully vaccinated patrons and staff. Workers are required to wear masks.

The National Retail Association will provide further information if the mandatory vaccination requirements will be changing for workers.



The wearing of masks remains compulsory for the following:

  • Primary school staff and visitors and students in years 3 to 6
  • Workers serving the public at hospitality venues
  • Workers and customers at indoor retail
  • Visitors and select workers in hospitals or care facilities
  • People using public transport, taxi/rideshare and planes
  • High-risk work settings such as corrections and meat, poultry and seafood processing

Face masks no longer need to be worn at weddings, funerals or ceremonial settings. If these events are held at places of worship there will not be any vaccination requirements or limits on participants, nor any requirement for organisers to check vaccination status. If the ceremony is at a hospitality setting, vaccine requirements will apply

Masks will remain in place until more information comes to light about the Omicron variant and risks posed.



Workplaces exposed to a positive coronavirus case will no longer need to be deep cleaned, after mounting international evidence that coronavirus is an airborne or droplet-borne disease and the likelihood of becoming infected by touching a surface is very low risk.

In addition, tour and transport operators, gyms and creative arts premises such as theatres and cinemas will not need to clean equipment between uses. Workplaces will still need to maintain CovidSafe plans.

COVIDSafe settings will also be published at https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/coronavirus-covidsafe-settings.



If you have any queries at all about these restrictions, please phone our Workplace Relations Hotline at 1800 RETAIL and speak to one of our friendly team members.