Hardware Man Small

By Lucy Harper, NRA Legal

In response to recent reports in retail stores of children being seriously injured on shopping hooks, the National Retail Association takes this opportunity to highlight some practical tips for improving safety standards in relation to display fixture hooks.

To protect customers and employees from injury, the following measures are recommended:

  • Associates receive training on proper assembly, use and inspection of displays and fixtures;
  • The company’s self-inspection program include displays and fixture safety;
  • Areas around displays and fixtures:
    • Have proper lighting; and
    • Remain clutter free and cleaned regularly, with warning signs used to alert hazards that cannot be removed; and
  • The display hooks used meet the following requirements:
    • Peg hooks formed in a “J”, “U”, or looped shape (with all hooks that have a 120-degree bend being removed);
    • The hooks have label holders, which prevent contact with the wire end; and
    • Damaged hooks are disposed of properly.

If you need any further information or would like to discuss this issue further, please call 1800 RETAIL (738 245) to speak with one of our workplace relations advisors.