Rewards for Excellence – 1 Month Left to Nominate

It’s estimated that WHS incidents cost businesses around $31.4million in compensation payments each year in Queensland alone with an average of 25 days off work. Creating a safe working environment is a responsibility of all businesses, however companies who go above and beyond empower their employees with a feeling of security, helping to retain staff and maximise productivity.

The National Retail Association (NRA) was pleased to crown Harris Scarfe the NRA Rewards for Excellence Safety Excellence Award winner in 2015.

Jenna Toovey from Harris Scarfe noted the Rewards for Excellence program as being an introspective process that was invaluable to the WHS function of the business.

“The nomination process encourages a holistic review of Workplace Health and Safety processes and initiatives from an external perspective rather than the usual internal reporting requirements. This is not only rewarding for the team and business, but also facilitates critical review and growth.”

When asked how winning the award has assisted the business, Jenna expressed how proud the company was at being able to highlight their achievements and receive recognition for their efforts in the WHS space.

“The award provided Harris Scarfe with an avenue to not only continue to promote the safety first culture throughout the network, but also provided internal recognition for all employees who embrace this culture and contribute to it every day.”

“The public platform that the NRA provided through these awards enabled Harris Scarfe to share and network their own experiences in the safety journey to others in the industry, initiating conversations that assist with continuous improvement and the generation of new ideas on a broad range of WHS topics.”

With only 1 month left to nominate, find out how your businesses measures up.

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