Plastic Bag Debate Continues

The National Retail Association has partnered with the Palaszczuk Government in an initiative to guide Queensland retailers through the State’s impending ban on single-use plastic shopping bags.

In support of the new legislation that plans to tackle shopping bag litter, the NRA will launch an awareness campaign aiming to inform both the retail sector and consumers of the changes effective 1 July 2018.

NRA Chief Executive Officer Dominique Lamb said the association agreed with the Queensland Government’s decision to implement the ban.

“It’s time that Queensland addressed the litter issue – not only is shopping bag litter an unpleasant sight, but it’s also an environmental hazard,” Ms Lamb said.

“The retail sector is ready to do its part in forging a cleaner, greener Queensland and supporting the Government’s plan to ban single-use shopping bags shows that we’re ready for action.

Ms Lamb said that by working with the state Government, the NRA can ensure that retailers are fairly represented and any questions or concerns are addressed well ahead of the effective date of the ban.

“Our main aim is to now prepare retailers for the change to ensure the transitionary period is as easy for the sector as possible.

Ms Lamb said that while retailers are the focus of the NRA, it’s equally as important to raise awareness among consumers and educate them of the changes.

“This initiative is just as much about consumers as it is about retailers.

“We’re launching a website offering useful information and handy hints including a list of single-use plastic bag alternatives, to ensure both retailers and consumers are equally prepared for the transition,” Ms Lamb said.

The NRA will also host education workshops all over state as part of the awareness campaign to help retailers understand the ban, why it’s important and how they’ll likely be affected by it – as well as tips on how to discuss it with shoppers.